About Us

Here at Arcard we focus on strong B2B AV hire to help your technical events go just as planned

Our technical team will help you get the right kit, at the right time, with a full technical check out, all our kit is provided to you to at the highest standard

Founded and operating since 2021 we are a modern and fresh company with an eye for detail and a passion for Customer service with B2B in the live events industry.

Our Story

Arcard was founded by Kieran Jordan (KiJo) to supply quality kit for less to his B2B clients for when you just need the equipment to work. He was fed up with equipment being sent out faulty or without the correct cables in the kit.

With Arcard we will always work with you, the production company, to make sure what we’re sending is of the same standard you would send out of your warehouse, or better! We’ll ask the right questions to make sure you always ready for show

Our Mission

Arcard is built on customer service and the “make it happen” mindset you have when rigging and operating on an event, sticking to schedeule and getting it done. 

We don’t our kit being the cause for a delay, more importantly we want to be here incase you need last minute hires and will always try to process and organise hire to meet your target

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